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During an initial 1hr appointment, you will describe to the creative director your dreams, vision and preferences-no limits. Because each client is unique, we need ample time for consultation. For this reason, do not accept walk-in clients.


When you are ready to begin the process, we charge a non-refundable commitment fee of 200USD(Its included in your total wedding gown cost). With this, we will do a sketch incorporating your inspiration but also considering body type, materials and budget.
This process usually takes 2-4 weeks depending on how busy the atelier is,the time that you booked and a maximum of six months before your wedding date, but we aim to always keep you updated on the progress. Samples of any detailing e.g. bead work patterns, embroidery etc will also be done at this stage.
At this point you can suggest and make any changes to the design, and once we have the final draft, we will work out for you the total cost. After this, you will increase your deposit to 70% enabling us to begin the cutting and construction of the dress.


Your measurement will be taken by the tailor in charge and the pattern drafting, cutting and garment construction process will begin.


You then come for the first and second fittings(most brides go through 2-4 fittings) and in case there are any adjustments they are made at this point.
On the first and second fitting, the gown is usually just a skeleton, without any detailing, and this can be very daunting. We urge you not to worry, because we will see the design through to the end, as designed for you.
For a wedding gown, the second or third fitting is also the best time for you to try on different types of veils and accessories because you have the context of the dress. The dress usually comes  with a basic fingertip length veil with no detailing.However we do have a wide range of veils which are priced by length and design.




Finishing of the gown is done with applique-work, bead work, painting, embroidery and also trimming and hemming the dress etc. These processes are all done by hand and require ample time and lots of love and attention. Your gown will be hand-cleaned and steamed by us, bagged, ready for collection.