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I still remember the disappointment walking in and out of shops in Nairobi looking for ‘the dress’. I finally decided that if i found no dress or links at a Samantha’s bridal fair, i would shop for one online. At this fair i noticed a collection on the runway that actually impressed me as it was really unique and this is how i ended up working with the exceptional Ogake.

People still seem shocked when i tell them that my dress was made locally, and almost all conversations i had with people during and after the wedding revolved around how beautiful my dress was. It turned out better than i’d visualized it and its thanks to you Ogake and your team.

What i loved the most is that you were very keen to details and you also provided the least stressful payment method. It felt great to actually see my dress “come to life” with every fitting and have the freedom to make little tweaks as much as we wanted. You probably remember how jazzed up we were about the next fittings every time we were done with a fitting. I have to say that’s because you gave us confidence in your work.

Kudos for making the dress i didn’t think i’d get in Nairobi and I can’t wait to see more creations by you. I still stalk you just to see if i’ll be jealous of other brides haha.