18 Dec: EUNICE

Anyone who knows me can testify that I am a insane control freak! (Bearing that in mind just know that Ogake Mosomi is a very patient woman.)

14 Aug: NORAH

I still remember the disappointment walking in and out of shops in Nairobi looking for 'the dress'. I finally decided that if i found no dress or links at a Samantha's bridal fair.

12 Sep: ANNE

Hmmmmmh! Where to begin……. but seriously YOU ROCK!! Your ideas are amazing, You are also very open, nothing hidden, telling it like it is.

28 Jun: WAIRU

"My wedding was on the 28th of June and I only had 6 months to plan the wedding. The first service provider I spoke to was Ogake Mosomi and I knew I had reached home."

14 Mar: NJERI

I met Ogake through a friend and I was so impressed with her ability to understand what would work for me. Having just tried on one gown and confused.