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Looking for a gift to give a bride that she will love can be so hard and daunting, especially if you want it to be extra special. The best brides’ gifts are the ones that show you’ve put thought into choosing them. That could mean getting them a personalized item, choosing a gift that fits their style, getting them pampering accessories or better yet something that they would’ve really wanted on their wedding day but the budget did not allow. 🙂

There is no right or wrong time to give a gift to a bride.A gift to a bride could be given during her engagement, bridal shower, wedding day itself or even after she comes back from her honeymoon. Some of the best surprise gifts you can give her are items that she will use on her wedding day.

There are plenty of ideas for you and for today, we chose to make your work easier by sharing with you 10 gift ideas for her wedding day;

1. Silk Kimono Robe

Surprise your girl in a silk robe so she can get her make-up done in style, in the morning of her wedding day.

You can choose to have it personalized, that’s either we print it as (BRIDE, MRS, MISS TO MRS, MRS X or the Brides NAME)

2. Fur Shawls

3. Veil

Almost all Brides wear a veil on their wedding day. This is definitely something she will really appreciate.

We custom-make veils in any length and any finishing/decoration.

4. Hair Accessories

Special brides wear special headpieces 😉

5. Earrings

You can find these and so much more on our website

6. Garter

Spice up her evening party:-)

7. Bouquet

Maybe she would love to keep her bouquet and what better bouquet to keep that a fabric floral one.

8. Personalized Ring Holder

Cute right? 😉

9. Naked Sandal

Is the wedding by the beach? She will definitely appreciate these😊

10. Bridal Sashes

These could really work well, if she would love to add some glam on her dress 🙂

So why not show her how important she is to you by calling us on 0732219292 to order one or more of these gift ideas 🙂